//Blood Solidifiers And How To Use Them?

Blood Solidifiers And How To Use Them?


In a medical work environment, professionals usually come in close contact with fluid waste products and blood, increasing the risk of exposure to harmful and infectious contents. Blood or fluid control solidifiers help in preventing and minimizing this risk. These solidifiers assist in cleaning up all kinds of highly infectious materials and are designed to deodorize and solidify fluid hazards, including blood and any bodily fluid.
Blood solidifiers can be used by sprinkling them on the spilled fluid or blood; it then converts the liquid into granulate or gel form. This makes it easy transport the hazardous fluid to the disposal facility without spreading infection. This medical product is designed to solidify hazardous fluids that can cause infections and make the cleanup process safer and easier.


Types of Blood Solidifiers at Matrix Medical Supplies.

There are three different types of blood solidifiers. These include:
Blood Solidifiers with EZ top
Blood Solidifiers with Disinfectant
Blood Solidifiers without Disinfectant
Uses of Blood Solidifiers
Blood solidifiers one of the most effective infection control products to prevent infections by eliminating bacteria and viruses caused by highly infectious liquids. Following are the main uses of blood solidifiers:

1. Preventing Blood to Seep Out

The solidifiers that are free from disinfectants are the most popular ones. They assist in preventing the blood from spilling out while disposing the suction canisters. In case the suction canisters are to be disposed off through regular trash, appropriate solidifiers must be used. Numerous people dispose off the suction canisters in regular trash without using a blood solidifier which can prove to be dangerous to the society. It is strongly recommended to use it to stop the blood or other harmful fluids to leak out and spread infection during the disposal.

2. Preventing Infections and Leakage

The solidifiers that include disinfectants are employed by professionals dealing with blood waste products as they have an increased risk of transferable infections. The inclusion of disinfectants in the blood solidifiers increases its effectiveness. These solidifiers not only prevent blood leakage, but also prevent the infection from spreading. These are especially utilized in hospitals and care facilities for the effective disposal of hazardous fluids.

3. Transferring Hazardous Liquids Safely

Solidifiers that come with an EZ top are the most cost-effective, while being the easiest to use. They convert the liquid in gel form and stops the infection from spreading, making it very convenient to dispose the blood and other hazardous fluids safely.



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