Diabetes means lifelong processions of medicine and a very strict diet. Despite this, there is a long list of medical conditions that you could be struck with any time, and foot problems lead that list.

Nerves get damaged during diabetes. This seriously hinders the blood flow in your feet. Blood is an essential element for cleaning the system and to accelerate the recovery process and without proper blood flow; feet are left vulnerable to all sorts of infections. These infections can lead to something treatable like sores or blisters. But in some cases the infection spreads at an accelerated rate which leads to the amputation of the foot or the entire leg. That is why it is essential for a diabetic to follow a proper foot care routine.

Avoid Soaking the Feet

After a long day of hard work, soaking the feet in hot or cold water feels very relaxing. But for a diabetic, soaking means dry skin. Dry skin tends to crack a lot which leaves your feet vulnerable to infection.

Temperature Control

Extreme temperatures, whether hot and cold, are bad for your feet. Avoid heating and air conditioning equipment. Reconsider walking with bare feet even inside the house. Activities like walking on the sand, or dirt should always be avoided.

Take Symptoms Seriously

With diabetes, you can’t take anything for granted. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any type of marks, spots, discoloring, ulcers or blisters. If not treated in time, these symptoms might lead to bigger problems.

Proper Footwear

Give preference to comfort over style when choosing proper footwear. Your feet should have space to maneuver around. Avoid shoes you have to squeeze your feet in. Stifling your feet would lead to sweating, and that could lead to infections.

Cutting Nails

Do not let your nails grow long. Cut your nails immediately when you think they are starting to grow. Just trim the toes; do not go overboard.

Maintain Blood Flow

You should make every effort to make sure that the blood flowing to your feet is not hindered by any of your activities. For example, when sitting, you can put your feet up on a sofa or a cushion. Crossing your legs or pulling your feet beneath you slows the blood flow.

Apart from these, you might get a foot infection from your trip to the salon. You shouldn’t end your trips to the salon, but should definitely ask them if they clean their equipment with sterilization supplies or not. If not then you should demand that they do or you’ll take your business elsewhere.