//All You Need To Know About Face Masks

All You Need To Know About Face Masks

For more than a decade, scientists were trying hard to determine whether masks were effective at keeping bacteria and viruses at bay or not. With a number of studies taking place in this regard, the final verdict came out that face masks are effective at protecting oneself from the attack of bacteria and other deadly viruses, if used in the right manner.



Keeping it purely on a factual basis, let’s learn about some of the landmark studies that were conducted in this regard and their results:

Firstly, a study was conducted back in 2008 and was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases stating that if used appropriately, face masks can actually protect the wearer against germs and bacteria. According to the study, families of flu-infected members that wore a mask constantly were 80% less likely to get infected by the same illness.

Secondly, a study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine had to say something similar. This study was conducted on around 400 people suffering from flu. Family members that constantly washed their hands and wore masks had 70% lesser chances of contracting that disease.

Lastly, a study that was conducted on 1000 students belonging to the University of Michigan, living in the residence hall were separated into 3 major groups: students that wore masks, students that wore masks and washed hands regularly and students that did none. The result indicated that the students that wore masks and carried out proper hand-washing practice were 75% less likely to get flu-related illnesses.

What Is A Face Mask?

Many people assume face masks to be anything that can cover their face. That’s a totally wrong definition. Rather, they are loose-fitted, disposable masks that are approved by health and hygiene authorities of the nations within which being supplied. It is a common practice for doctors, nurses, dentists and surgeons to wear this mask when treating patients. These face masks are good are preventing any fluid from nose or mouth from dropping and spreading bacteria in the surrounding and to the patient being treated.

Guidelines for Wearing Face Masks

As stated earlier, the effectiveness of face masks heavily relies on the way they are used and carried by medical practitioners. Here are some of the most valuable guidelines of wearing masks appropriately:

  • It is important to wear a face mask when you are at least 6 feet near an ailing person,
  • Invincibly wear the strings of the mask around your ears to hold it tightly over the nose, mouth and chin,
  • Avoid constantly touching the mask unnecessarily,
  • Wear mask if you are infected with flu to prevent others from contracting it,
  • If the surrounding is rampantly filled with people infected with flu-related diseases, its best to wear a mask when going outdoors,
  • Never re-use a face mask. Once you take it off, dispose it and wash your hands immediately.

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