Not that you would ever choose to have diabetes, but you can definitely choose how this condition will affect your life. You can make healthy choices and effectively control your condition, or you can ignore all the wise words you hear and keep on making this condition worse till it completely takes over your life.

Doesn’t sound nice, does it? If you want to avoid all that, then you can start by making wise food choices. And to know that, you first have to make yourself aware of what you must avoid at all costs.

 French Fries

No matter how much you would want to argue otherwise, French fries cannot be considered a healthy potato dish. Yes, we know that it is one of the easiest and readily available fast foods, but that doesn’t mean that you should avail it any time you want. French fries are chalked full of sodium, calories and saturated fat. From a nutritional point of view, French fries are the worst item to eat if you are a diabetic.

Processed Meat

If you eat out at lunch time then you’re probably intimately familiar with store bought sandwiches. Sandwiches are not unhealthy per se, but the meat they are made up of isn’t exactly diabetes friendly. Unless you ask for it otherwise, store bought sandwiches are likely to contain high amount fat and sodium. If you must have a sandwich then make sure that it has high quantity of fresh veggies and very low amount of non-processed meat.

Baked Goods

When you make baked items at home, you are more or less in charge of the amount of sugar or fat that goes in. Bakeries don’t really worry about that. All their items carry equal amounts of ingredients that will make your diabetes worse. So try to give bakeries a wide berth.

Fizzy Drinks

Yes, they are extremely refreshing, fun to drink, easily available and give you a big energy boost. But they are more or less liquid sugar and caffeine contained in a bottle. Each 500ml carbonated drink is equivalent of ingesting 7.5 teaspoons of sugar. It’s best to avoid them and stick to natural alternatives.


Surprised, right? Actually milkshakes are perfect for diabetics. But they don’t remain so when you add copious amounts of full fat milk, whipped cream, chocolate and marshmallows to them. Sticking to low fat milk will actually show you better results.

Diabetes need not take over your entire life. All you have to do is to watch what you eat and to keep ample sterilization products around to keep your surroundings completely clean.