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1701, 2017

Think Before You Ink! Sterilization in the Tattoo Parlour

  With the growing popularity of tattoos, the potential risk hazards are also increasing. You could be a proud owner of a new tattoo in a few hours, but before that, make sure you are aware of what it involves and how the possible risks [...]

910, 2016

Heat-Seal Pouches

Heat sealing is one of the key factors which determine whether medical instruments and equipment can be deemed safe or not. Heat sealing is also used to package products whose integrity needs to be maintained. For medical products, along with ensuring that they are infection [...]

2009, 2016

A Complete How-to Guide On Proper Foot Care for Diabetics

  Diabetes means lifelong processions of medicine and a very strict diet. Despite this, there is a long list of medical conditions that you could be struck with any time, and foot problems lead that list. Nerves get damaged during diabetes. This seriously hinders the [...]

2408, 2016

Things You Must Check Out at the Dentist’s Office

Cross infection, or the transmission of infection, from one person to another at dental offices is emerging as a major healthcare concern all around the world. The harsh reality is that you, as a patient, are unaware of what’s actually going on in your surroundings. [...]

1408, 2016

Unlocking the Future: 5 Facts About Health Care

Data revolution and technology have been important players in redefining and revolutionizing healthcare in the recent years. This has been accelerated due to some catalysts. For instance, we’ve uncovered that a major chunk of the population is aging; and the workforce population is declining; fewer [...]

108, 2016

All You Need To Know About Face Masks

For more than a decade, scientists were trying hard to determine whether masks were effective at keeping bacteria and viruses at bay or not. With a number of studies taking place in this regard, the final verdict came out that face masks are effective at [...]

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