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1507, 2016

Methods of Sterilization That Spas Must Use

Sterilization, sanitation, health and hygiene are some terms that are not just related to the medicine industry; but to the beauty industry as well. For spas, tattoos and beauty salon owners, it is imperative to understand the real value and significance of rigorous sterilization and [...]

207, 2016

Nitrile Vs. Latex Gloves: Which Is The Best?

Back in the mid 80s, doctors and dentists started realizing the fact that the body fluid is not very safe and possibly carries millions of bacteria and viruses. Hence, wearing of gloves started becoming a norm and became a sign of sanitation and protection against [...]

1606, 2016

The 3 Deadliest Viruses on Earth!

Human beings have been dealing with viruses to evolve into what they are today. Thanks to vaccines and antiviral drugs that have been protecting us from infections all this time, many people have been able to recover from these viruses hale and hearty. Keeping all [...]

106, 2016

Step-By-Step Guide for Using Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

Self sealing sterilization pouches are one of the most commonly used medical devices that are also approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With the primary purpose of controlling infection from entering the human body, the way they are utilized say a lot about its [...]

1605, 2016

Significance of Sterilization in the Field Of Medicine

Most medical and surgical equipment are intended to be used only one time. Others that are designed for multiple usages must make sure that the surgical supplies and equipment are decontaminated and sterilized each time. This sterilization procedure takes place in three simple steps: cleaning [...]

205, 2016

The Role of Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization in Infection Control

It might surprise you to know that not as many people die of non-curable ailments as they do from infections. Many ailments stem from genetics or are made worse by extenuating factors and in most cases nothing can be done. Infection control is very much [...]

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