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1401, 2016

Anti-Viral Wipes: What Do They Do?

We run the risk of catching a viral or bacterial infection every time we walk out the door. We could catch the infection from our neighbors, co workers, and even our children. But one of the easiest ways to contract an infection is to be [...]

301, 2016

Here Are the Top 3 Infection Control Challenges That Must Be Overcome

Every year, countless lives are lost as infections spread in hospitals only because of unsterile equipment and unhygienic practices. Some infections are easy to combat, while others can be extremely difficult and challenging. Stated below are the top 3 infection control challenges that health care [...]

1512, 2015

Want To Buy Infection Control Supplies Online? Here’s what you need To Do!

Just as any other business, healthcare providers seek economical alternatives to cut down their costs to increase their profit margin. One of the most popular and economical options for healthcare providers is to purchase surgical supplies online. Today, online shopping has become more of a [...]

112, 2015

Medical Supplies That Are a Must-Have!

At Matrix Medical Supplies, we only believe in supplying healthcare providers with high quality and sterile tools and equipment. Our e-store is the one-stop shop in Canada that provides the best sterilization products for infection prevention and control in hospitals, surgical centers, dental clinics, ambulatory [...]

1611, 2015

Infection Control Tips: Professional’s Recommendations

According to a recent statistic, that the common cold costs businesses around $7 billion every year as it results in approximately 111 million days of work loss in the U.S. it is easy to imagine the kind of loss it is causing on a global [...]

111, 2015

Top 5 Strategies for Infection Prevention and Control

If statistics are anything to go by, one out of every 20 patients hospitalized are attacked by an infectious disease. With the changes in the environment and lifestyles, newer diseases are being discovered by medical science that people are increasingly becoming susceptible to. While infectious [...]

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