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1610, 2015

Complete Your Dental Supplies with Sterilization Pouches

The mount of utilizing unhygienic tools and equipment for medicinal purposes has taken a toll over the healthcare industry worldwide. With greater than ever reported cases of serious illnesses and fatality caused by unhygienic or unsterilized supplies and equipment; especially in the dental industry, the [...]

210, 2015

Blood Solidifiers And How To Use Them?

  In a medical work environment, professionals usually come in close contact with fluid waste products and blood, increasing the risk of exposure to harmful and infectious contents. Blood or fluid control solidifiers help in preventing and minimizing this risk. These solidifiers assist in cleaning [...]

1509, 2015

Understanding and Preventing Transmission of Healthcare-Associated Pathogens Due to the Contaminated Hospital Environment

Although pathogen transfer from a colonized or infected patient to a susceptible patient most commonly occurs via the hands of HCP, contaminated hospital surfaces and medical equipment (and, less commonly, water and air) can be directly or indirectly involved in the transmission pathways. These transmission [...]

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