/Steril-Peel* Tubing/Rolls

Steril-Peel* Tubing/Rolls


STERIL-PEEL* pouches and tubing have been tested to determine their ability to provide protection from contamination.

Shelf-life studies confirm that STERIL-PEEL* pouches and tubing provide effective protection for at least twelve months with 100% maintenance of sterility.


Product Description

All STERIL-PEEL* products are manufactured from medical grade bleached kraft paper, hydrogen peroxide, rather than chlorine is used as the bleaching agent.

They are made from virgin pulp, ensuring optinum consistency of the paper sheet, providing superior barrier properties.

Additional Information


2″ x 100′, 3″ x 100′, 4″ x 100′, 6″ x 100′, 9″ x 100′, 10″ x 100′, 12″ x 100′


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