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  • Super Solidifier Plus SSP3000EZ w/EZ Top and Disinfectant/Treatment

Super Solidifier Plus with “EZ Top”


In a medical work environment, professionals usually come in close contact with fluid waste products and blood, increasing the risk of exposure to harmful and infectious contents.

Blood or fluid control solidifiers help in preventing and minimizing this risk. These blood solidifiers assist in disposing highly infectious materials.


Product Description

Super Solidifiers, with EZ Top  are especially formulated to solidify blood and body fluids, quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Our super liquid bodily fluid solidifier granules are used to turn bodily fluids and wastes to gel for easier, safer and cost-effective cleanup.


  • Ensures that liquid waste is solidified and decontaminated.
  • Maintains the integrity of a closed suction system by eliminating the need to ever open the canister.
  • Solidifies as the procedure is completed.
  • Continues to solidify for up to 48 hours as new fluid is introduced.


Additional Information


with disinfectant, without disinfectant


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